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“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L. Peters, Canadian graphic designer, industrial designer, and author of ‘Getting What You Came For’.

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Your website is an essential business tool, regardless of the size of your organisation. Having a good website, though, is now not enough; it needs to actively work for you by attracting new business and driving your message forward.

Most small businesses are budget-strapped, but by focusing on key principles in the development stages of your website, we’ll certainly help you make a healthy return on your investment.

Here are eight guidelines we follow to ensure your business benefits the most from your website:

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Website design

From concepts and planning, to building and launch, we tackle all aspects of responsive website creation.

Logo Design

Convey your business’s corporate message through a bespoke and highly-identifiable symbol.

Web Development

Front and back-end development, offering the greatest functionality for the most captivating web experience.

Mobile Application

Our websites are mobile friendly by default. But if you require a dedicated mobile experience, we can help! Ask us how?

Corporate Branding

We’ll work with you to create a unique company identity or help you strategically rebrand an existing one.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Expand awareness, encourage engagement, improve lead generation and increase conversions. Repeat.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Stay on top of the latest techniques and tactics for increasing the number of visitors to your website.


Over 20 years of combined web design, software development and marketing strategy advice at your disposal.

8 GUIDELINES we follow to ensure your business benefits the most from your website

1. Your website is a business tool: Potential customers will engage with you via your website, so think of it as your showcase.

Consistent branding and the development of your identity often starts with your website and then carries on through other marketing and communication channels.

2. Review and reflect: It’s important to review your website regularly to ensure that it meets yours and your customers’ needs.

Consider changes in the marketplace and whether its purpose and all of its elements still relevant to your target market.

3. Design and differentiation: If your site design is not great and doesn’t cater to the intuitive and information needs of the viewer quickly, they will leave. Great design sets you apart from the competition, so ensure your site looks professional and is functional.

4. Work in Progress (V.I.P): Your website should be constantly developing (e.g., via blogs, news sections, links, etc.) as visitors and search engines are attracted by activity. As Google notices updated content, it will visit your site more often, revising listings which can improve Google and page rankings.

5. Number 1: Searching online involves a search engine, so it’s crucial that your site is picked up by them. Your company can rank highly using the correct techniques. SEO should be ongoing, along with off-site optimisation, like links to/from other sites, social media marketing, plus blogs and up-to-date content.

6. Right priorities: Set short, medium and long-term marketing goals, always keeping SEO and emerging web strategies in mind for generating traffic to your site. An active marketing strategy devised by an SEO/web marketing specialist will achieve the best results.

7. Mobile friendly: Having a ‘responsive’ or mobile-friendly site is expected by today’s web users. Facilitating accessibility will increase how long people will remain on your site, which increases the likelihood of a sale being created.

8. Encourage your customers to take action. Encourage your visitors to act via plenty of calls to action throughout your site. Adding a simple reminder to ‘phone us’ or “ask us how”, for example, can be amazingly effective.