What is a Trello board?

What is a Trello board?

So what is Trello?

And why did I pick trello.com for Cool Website Wednesday?


Trello is a productivity platform, a collaboration tool that allows you to group projects into boards. On each board (A), you can add cards (C), like we used to so with sticky notes.

Each Trello board have lists (B) that keep cards organised. You can use the lists to create workflows where cards are moved across lists, or you can use them to keep track of ideas and information. You can add any number of lists to a board as you please.

trello list

Cards are used to create tasks and ideas. On each card, you can add checklists, add comments, due dates, labels, attachments, embed videos, add links, etc. You can drag and drop them on different lists to show progress.

trello card

Team members

You can invite as many people to your board as you need. Just drag and drop people from your team to cards and everyone will see the same board. This is a great feature as everyone sees the whole picture all at once.

On each board, there is a menu (D) used to manage members, filter cards or enable Power-Ups.

Trello Power-Ups help teams meet their unique business needs through adaptable features and integrations with other tools like burn down charts, calendar, Slack, Google Drive and so much more.

How much Trello cost?

Trello pricing has a free option and three paid plans starting from $10 per month. The Individual plan is ideal for small teams that don’t need a lot of collaboration tools. The Business plan is ideal for small to medium-sized teams that work closely together.

Trello Pricing

Top Trello Alternatives

Top Trello alternatives are Monday.com, Mavenlink.com.

Popular Trello integrations

Here is a list of some of Trello’s popular integrations:

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Or let us know in the comments what other productivity tools you use.

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